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Russian Speech vodka excelled at the exhibition


Russian Speech was recognized as the best premium vodka brand within the tasting contest of the alcoholic drinks at the exhibition INTERFOOD 2014.

March 21 was the awarding ceremony for the winners of the "Best Product of 2014" competition. The professional expert committee evaluated the products in several product categories , including categories of alcoholic beverages. As a result, Russian Speech vodka was awarded the "Grand Gold Medal" and the Certificate of Business Club named "Russian Gourmet". The Spiriti company and its vodka brand Russian Speech are not the first time taking part in the events of this level. Moreover the company is currently actively planning its participation in major international competitions.

"We are confident in the future success of the Russian Speech vodka. The brand values, exceptional quality and authentic taste of real Russian vodka are very close to our consumer and allows to be proud of the product" - commented in the company.