You have 18 years?

Минздравсоцразвития России предупреждает: чрезмерное употребление алкоголя
вредит вашему здоровью! Вся размещенная на сайте информация предназначена для
ознакомительных целей.

Business terms and conditions

We are sincerely interested in the fact that the range of products and prices are the most suitable for our partners
and allow the maximum benefit to realize their potential, to successfully compete
in this market segment.


For the contract , we need the following documents:

  • Resolution on the establishment of an Excise warehouse;
  • The license for the purchase , storage and supply of alcoholic products;
  • Certificate of Accreditation of the company (if any);
  • Certificate of state registration of the company;
  • Certificate of delivery to the tax registration of the legal entity;
  • Certificate of registration in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities;
  • The company charter


Our experts will use every effort to achieve the success of your company