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Минздравсоцразвития России предупреждает: чрезмерное употребление алкоголя
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Production of premium alcoholic brands combines rich traditions, modern equipment, innovative technology and strong quality control system. It allows to create perfect vodka, which matches the highest standard.

  • Water is extracted from own artesian well which is 310 meters deep;
  • Selected natural ingredients and flavours; 
  • Strict control on compliance with state standards and estimates by taste panel and experts of accredited testing laboratory.


LLC Fortuna

Fortuna Distillery is the largest spirit manufacturer in Krasnodar region (the Distillery was founded in 1993) based on imported technological equipment which allows to produce a wide range of high-quality alcoholic beverages.

Wild company

WILD is worldwide a leading supplier of natural ingredients for the food and beverage industry. WILD focuses on outstanding flavor, quality and safety of its products. WILD are committed to developing innovative products that maintain a leading position in the market.