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KEN-TO vodka

Premium vodka with unique notes of acai fruites for true lovers of delicate taste. Berry «Acai» is a natural cocktail of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

The drink combines bright berry flavor and exquisite fresh aroma. This vodka is the same good in its pure form, with an ice. Also it is perfect for making a variety of fruit coctailes.


The ingredients of KEN-TO Acai:
  • soft artesian water, subjected to additional softening, oxygen enrichment and molecular cleanup;
  • grain alcohol of LUX category from selected grain subjected to tight quality control;
  • infusion made from boiled rice;
  • natural high-quality extract of dry acai berry.

KEN-TO brand reflects the history and beauty of the world from the familiar to the most secret regions and countries.

We invite you to go on amazing journey, discovering new tastes with KEN-TO.

KEN-TO created for true connoisseurs of iconic and individual things.