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History and philosophy

Spiriti company was created in 2010 in St. Petersburg. The main activity of the company is to provide high quality alcoholic beverages of international class.

The company's portfolio consists of several brands, including KEN-TO liqueurs, KEN-TO Acai vodka and premium Russian Speech vodka. The selected natural ingredients are used in products manufacturing. The products meet the highest quality standards.

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Production of Spiriti products combines rich traditions, modern equipment, innovative technology and strong quality control system at every stage of production and meets the highest quality standards.

All products are manufactured in the Fortuna Distillery. Fortuna Distillery is the largest spirit producer in Krasnodar region. The distillery ranks among the top 100 factories in Russia and its products are among the "100 best products of Russia". The unequalled quality of products is confirmed by great number of prizes: 45 orders and medals for product quality, including 20 gold ones.
The distillery is equipped with modern domestic and imported production inventory, which allows to produce wide assortment of high quality vodka.

The uniqueness of the products of Spiriti company consists the following components:

  • using the selected high-quality ingredients;
  • improving of manufacturing techniques, blending and recipes;
  • multistage quality control system at every stage of production;
  • unique system of values, which is a foundation for the comprehensive development of the company

The unique system of values

The unique system of values is a foundation for the comprehensive development of the company.


Our mission is creating high-quality alcoholic beverages international class. In addition, we put effort in developing and improving the culture of consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The strategic direction of the company is expanding the range of products and increasing of brand awareness and presenting in major premium segments of hard alcohol.

We create the products allowing to emphasize the uniqueness and importance of the event.